How do I get a receipt for a journey I paid for using my credit card?
A receipt can be scanned and emailed to you on request.

Are your  fares exclusive of VAT?
What we quote you is what you will be asked to pay. We are not VAT-registered yet.

Why do you charge more for airport pickups than drop offs?
Airport  pickups are more time-consuming and involve waiting and parking charges. This is standard practice for all taxi companies.

What are your additional charges for airport pickups?
We add the following charges on top of the drop off fee for airport pickups. When we pick up passengers (normally frequent flyers) from outside the terminal building, we charge an extra £6 and when we meet passengers in the arrivals lounge, we charge an extra £10.

We track your flight landing time and our driver will arrive at the collection point 30 minutes after your plane has landed as the vast majority of passengers reach the arrival lounge about 40 minutes after  landing. If this arrangement does not suit you, we can arrive at the time you specify.

The first 45 minutes of any waiting time is included in the fare (ie. 75 minutes after you have landed). Any additional waiting time over first 75 minutes will be charged at our standard rate published in our terms and conditions, which stands at 33p per minute at the moment.

If my flight arrival time changes, do I have to update you?
You don’t have to worry about informing us as we will track your flight landing time.

Can I open an account with Taylor Hanson Ltd?
If you are interested in opening an account with us, please call us on 01344 751176 or email us here.

How much luggage capacity is there in a people carrier?
With four passengers, our people carriers are able to take four large suitcases plus four shoulder bags. The rear two seats can be folded into a loading space for luggage.

If there are more than four passengers, we are unable to use this loading area and therefore luggage space is dramatically reduced to two suitcases plus two shoulder bags.

How much luggage capacity is there in a standard saloon car?
Our standard saloon cars are able to hold two medium size suitcases plus two shoulder bags or one large size suitcase and three shoulder bags.

Will you take a woman in labour to hospital?
Unfortunately, for legal reasons, we are unable to transport a woman in labour to hospital as our drivers are not medically trained.

Can I cancel a booking once I made it?
Yes, you can as far as it is according to our terms and conditions.